I am sorry Paris Hilton, I really am.

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I mean, what do you guys think about this whole Paris Hilton ordeal?  I mean, was it fair, unfair, or just quite inhumane to just release her and then send her right back?

Personally, when I heard that she was let out for house arrest, I was a little peeved myself.  To think that just because she was a celeb, she got first class treatment?  Like articles all over the internet are mentioning, their are many family members who had to endure seeing a love one go to jail, even if they had some kind of medical problem. So, in Paris’ case, I don’t believe any exception should have been made.

Clearly, this whole deal, is something that has been pushed in the media for quite a while. It may not have been at such a scale, but nevertheless, it’s been there. Sorry to say, for example, Michelle Rodriguez.  Now, we know she received 60 days in jail, but we also know that she didn’t spend more than 2 days in there. But to tell you the truth, I’d prefer Michelle Rodriguez to not spend time in jail, compared to Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s a personal matter.  Yeah, it is. I just don’t like Paris Hilton. 

I mean, can we just sit down for a moment and see how negative of an influence this girl is on society?  Firstly, it seems every chick she’s around, is not wearing underwear. I mean Hello!, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. It can’t be coincidence that these girls are all around Paris at sometime, minus the underwear.

I would have had pictures of the pantyless ladies on here, but I don’t want to rub in the whole situation, more than it has been already. 

The only thing I’d have to say in Paris’ defense, is the fact that it is a little cruel to release her from jail, and then send her back. I mean come on, the girl might be a slut, but she’s still human.  Which is clearly seen in a picture along with an article at Yahoo News!  I mean, the girl is bawling in that picture, and not for pleasure as we’ll always presume when we hear the words “Paris screaming/bawling.”

It’s sad I think, that they made her feel as if she was being able to be let free, somewhat, and finish off her sentence under house arrest.  They already made the mistake to release her, and now they are trying to amend a problem caused by their stupidity.  I say, leave the girl alone. We’ve caused as much damage as we could have, on an individual. 

 Maybe after all this, she’d be a little more humble and quit her partying days.  It’s what got her into all of this in the first place.

But, as Paris mentioned in a release from her lawyers, when she spoke that she was going to finish off the rest of her 45 days, jail sentence, that maybe other’s will learn from her mistakes.  Yup missy, maybe we will.

All I want to say is that, I am sorry Paris that your celeb status couldn’t get you out of this. Like the rest of us, when we fuck up, we get turned over and screwed up the “you know what!”  Hopefully she’d come out as a changed woman, and for the better.  I mean, we can all hope, can’t we?


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