Carl Panzram, the notorious killer you never knew

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Carl PanzramI just got finished reading, on, the criminal story of an infamous killer, called Carl Panzram.  The story, is a 2 part informative piece, about this evil man’s life.  But, throughout reading it, I kept thinking of how in any possible manner, was a creature like this, ever allowed to enter into this world? Such evil and hate.  It scares me to know that a person like that, actually existed.  Imagine, a human being, lacking emotion?  All they know of, is hate, and their one desire, is to kill, rape and mutilate.  How can anyone, take a helpless child, rape them, kill them and mutilate them, without any state of conscience?  Is this killer, even a person anymore? What even defines a person, especially when you read of cases like this.

From since my “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” post, I’ve been reading up on a lot of these notorious killers.  I first read, of course, Ed Gein, and then I went on to read about Dean Corll,  then about Bruce “George Peter” Lee and finally today, Carl Panzram.  Even though all of them, make my blood crawl, and give me a sunken feeling of fear for the human race, Carl Panzram, is the most thrilling reading I’ve ever had.  This man, can’t even be considered a man.  Yes, Ed Gein, killed people and used their skin to make lamps and their skulls to make bowls (now that is of course scary and weird), and yes Dean Corll, did want to murder young teenage boys, and perform brutal sexual acts on them and exhibit some kind of savagery with their bodies, in whatever shape or form, and of course, it’s crazy to know that Bruce “George Peter” Lee, loved burning things up, and had no remorse for deaths caused by it, from the age of 12.  Carl Panzram, surpasses them all.  Unlike Ted Bundy and BTK, Carl Panzram, killed and molested individuals, not just for the sexual pleasures of it (as with Ted Bundy), but because of hatred for the human race.  A misantrope, in the physical definition of it.  If the Webster Dictionary wanted to redefine what a misantrope is, all they had to do is either, link to Carl Panzram’s biography page, or use his picture next to the word. 

I know some people might feel nervous about me having any desire to keep reading about these people, but their psyche, causes huge excitement in me.  These people, aren’t really people.  They’re a totally different breed of human beings.  They lack the conscience that makes us who we are.  They follow their own brutal pleasures, even if it means killing or hurting others. 

The only sad thing, that I feel towards Carl Panzram, is the fact that he didn’t have a chance.  Being submitted to such sexual abuse at such a young age, in a place where discipline was suppose to reform you into a well kept individual, isn’t something that should have happened.  This young man, brought up in a family that surely caused his behaviors to become as they were, and to be thrown into a “Juvenile Detention” that preferred sodomizing the kids, rather than helping them, was a product of a series of brutal behaviors acted to or towards him.  One can’t just blame Carl Panzram for his behaviors, just because he was labelled an evil man.  This man, was once a kid.  A kid who was raped, beatened and tortured mentally and physically, creating the “beast” that he became at the early age of 16.  He had no chance, and that saddens me.  This man’s life, went downhill from birth.  No chance for educational upbringings, no love from a mother but just hate and resent, no care from the religious community that he was placed in at 7, where he was supposed to have been taken care of, but was sodomized!  What kind of society can we say we live in, if a little boy who happens to have some emotional problems, due to his activities with his parents at home,  can’t be helped, in the pure word of it, and not hypocritcally by religious idiots, who think raping a little child is more pleasurable than helping them!   I am disgusted with that, in so much ways, that I’d rather keep it to myself.  It’s sad, and I am sadden.  Because while reading his biography and whole criminal life, when Carl Panzram, wrote down in his own words, what he thought of himself and how he became like that, you could see a sign of intelligence in this killer, that you’d normally not expect.  He knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew there were consequences for it, but he didn’t care.  He didn’t care, because the world that he thought was suppose to take care of him, turned it’s back on him.  Instead, it lied to him, it killed him, it took away anything human about him.  It took his innocence from him, making him only be able to sodomize boys or men, instead of sinking into the comforting pleasures of a woman.

My heart breaks for Carl Panzram and if you take the time to read his biography and criminal life, as it’s mentioned on the Carl Panzram page on Crime Library, you’d be feeling exactly what I am feeling now.

I’m sorry Carl Panzram, I am sorry mankind couldn’t have been better to you, at the time when you needed it the most.  The only sign of compassion you ever experienced, was while you were in prison, from a prison officer willing to befriend you, and provide you with sympathy and a ear to listen.  He was the only friend you knew, and the only compassion you ever felt in this world.  It’s sad the place you had to feel this, was years into a criminal life that you couldn’t shake off. The prison system wasn’t meant to help you, but to make you a stronger criminal.  It wasn’t there to make you a better man, but to make you less of a man.  I am sorry for it all, and I hope that somewhere you are able to rest, from the hatred of the world that was presented to you.  You did wrong, and you did evil, but the evil was a retaliation on the world that “didn’t give a damn about who Carl Panzram could have been.”



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30 Responses to “Carl Panzram, the notorious killer you never knew”

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i have just finished reading a book about serial killers, including carl panzram. all the killers in this book seem to all have the same horrific childhood but none even come close to the true brutality that mr. panzram had to go through.

so, i too would like to apologize on behalf of society and mankind for the atrocity that was carl panzram’s life.

also, i was just wondering where i could find his actual confession so i can read it for myself. in his own words.

thanks… Renee xo

I have been reading articles for pretty much the whole year and have the same feeling of excitement reading these stories. It’s amazing to read about what the human mind is capable of and interesting to see how all of these killers from history are able to do what they do. Carl Panzram is probably the most interesting of the stories I have read, I am also looking for the original 20,000 word manuscript because I think it would be fascinating to get a glimpse into a purely evil mind.

As for thinking it’s weird to read about this, I think about this often and wonder if people think I’m planning something or looking to something for inspiration when it is just my fascination with the criminal justice system and the criminal mind.

I would not apologize on the whole of society for Carl’s crimes, it was a different time then and things were handled differently. There were hundreds of others at the reformation “schools” but there weren’t hundreds of Carl’s running rampant either. Carl seems to have Ataraxia which is a condition where you cannot feel worry or pretty much any other pre-occupation (read emotions). Very interesting read and an interesting blog about it.


Hi Renee,

Check out this book. You can find it on Amazon:

Panzram A Journal of Murder

Oh yeah, feel sorry for him yeah. That makes sense. Blame society. I mean it’s so bad we ARE ALL MURDERING PEOPLE aren’t we?
Erm, no we are not you fucking idiot.

I truly hope and wish that somebody that you loved gets brutally raped and murdered.
See how sorry you feel for the murderer then.

I have recently been reading the stories on, and I found myself unable to stop. One of the first stories I read was about Panzram, I didn’t even know humans were capable of doing this to other humans. But like you I can’t help but feel sorry for him, because of the horribly tramatic childhood he had. His story really opened my eyes to how sick someone can be.

“Imagine, a human being, lacking emotion? All they know of, is hate”
Hate is an emotion.
Your understandings are incredibly shallow.
Dig deeper into your self.
Expand your mind, don’t just pack it with dross.

matt m and aristeas you are both fucking idiots 🙂

it’s easy to be judgemental, but if you were in his shoes and went through an abnormal childhood as Carl’s then you can say oh I would have been able to control your anger, real easy. Luckily for most of us, we have a good upbringing. Lot’s of people back when Carl’s age didn’t have an education or parents that could rear him right. It happens over and over again, society has people unable without authorization that have repeatedly done crimes that don’t make sense. We should never make excuses for these crimes, nor should we condome it, history will continue to repeat itself as long as humans breathe, it’s part of our cycle just as any animal’s will to survive. People without thinking have always made bad decisions and will continue to do so, nobody excluded whether it be religion or political. My philosophy in life is that LIFE will make a HYPOCRITE of all of us, all you have to do is think about the time you lecture somebody about what they’re doing is wrong and forget about how you once yourself did this. My point is not to see just one side of the story or fact, but accept these events will occur and be judged with circumstances best appropriately as we can do> In life, one thing I know is that there will never ever be a 100% agreement between people, because no matter how sane we think we are, were always right by human nature. Carl with a proper upbringing could have been for all we know a good person instead of the amusing story his life was.

[…] this blog is that I could speak about anything and everything under the sun.  For example, my Carl Panzram post, to this day still get’s comments.  Then there’s my softcore adult post about: […]

Jesus, you are one big fag “Sorry Carl, I’m sorry” Panzram would have ass raped you by now.

I actually just read Carl Panzram’s story in the crime libray & to me he has been the most human-like of all that I have read. ( which have been all that you have mentioned)
He wasn’t born that way, he hated the human race because of all that he suffered under the justice system. It makes perfect sense. For someone that has never experienced growing up in an invironment where you are being psychologically & physically abused where as a child you have to take it all because you know you will always be overpowered, its had to understand someone like him. When you grow up like that you begin to form feelings of hate that you can’t control. That only get worse with time & the older you get the less pity you feel. I will never say that his acts are excusable, but they are a lot more understandable than someone like Albert Fish who tortured children as young as 3 years old, so he could eat them.
I actually started writing this after I erad the first paragraph only, now that I read the rest of your post I realize that you actually feel more compasion for him than I do. I think the best that we can do for him is not feeling sorry for him. He didn’t even feel sorry for himself, he knew he was f–d up, he knew what he was doing was wrong. He just wasn’t sorry. And that makes sense too.

If, Carl Panzram, were still, alive, he, would kill you, and, sodomize you, just for your, misuse, of, commas, and, for, no other, reason.

ahah dont be so quick to judge.. panzram was born on june 28th.. i have the same birthdate.. meaning hes a cancer..and i have those emotions frequently, although never been exposed to “too much” trauma.. i mean id definetly bash someones head and rape em up the ass if i had the chance.. in a way thats what society does to u sooner or later.. they are just more lenient about it..truth of the matter is… lookin beyond the legal system.. and even in it.. its still a jungle dog eat dog world out there .. regardless who you are and what you do

forgettin to mention this very fact.. there are ppl like good old carl out there who still havent been caught for their crimes.. in fact they most likely sit in high ranked govnt seats.. just because they can fake a mask of sanity does not necessarily make them so… read up on “the illuminati” and the Bankers.. and if u read a lil more about panzram. he tried sinkin two british naval ships to stirr up a war between the u.s and G.B… whom else do we know that does that.. COUGH bush cough.. oh thats right… and was a coincidence.. isnt he a cancer as well… damn it must be in the stars.. then again maybe im just psycho, be that as it may.. what normal ppl might find themselves on a site like this anyways.. 😉 cheers

u mite havfe a point there.. if someone with those sort of tendencies happened to be born in a wealthy family, they could do a lot of damage and influence a lot of wars

wats up!!!!
just felt like leaving a comment

mr panzram was raised like a pitbull, and he turned out to be just as mean, goes to show you how important a good upbringing is. moral of the story…be a good mommy and daddy….

The person who wrote this , is a very passionate & caring person, wish we all could be like him/her.

And yet we still have a system built around punishment.
You think we’d learn.
Yes, part of me wants to do great things.
The other part of me, the part that’s been fucked with and told to submit on a constant, but always subtle basis sympathizes with Hitler and Carl.
Sometimes I think humanity wants to be destroyed.

I hope more and more serial killers and school shootings happen.
They’re more just than our “justice system” has ever been.
They punish you for making mistakes instead of telling you mistakes are how you learn.
They tell you to not rock the boat, while they’re the only ones in it.
They tell you to be an obedient little bitch, then piss on you when you are and shit on you when you’re not.

Civilization is a joke. We’re just a bunch of monkeys who happened to get lucky with 1’s and 0’s.
We don’t have the slightest idea of how to create a utopia and if we can’t have that, we shall have hell.
Punish thee and punish you shall receive.

A movie is in production on Panzram, and there was a good one starring James Woods called Killer. I’m not gay, and am sure CPs sodomy was a result of his upbringing, but your comment about male to male sex not being the equal of “sinking” into a woman, coupled with your nom de plume of Stud Master, may get you labeled a homophobe. Just a thought! For further reading by intelligent killers, I suggest Moors Murderer Ian Brady’s book Gates Of Janus(Feral House).

Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance, A film on Panzram’s life has just been released on DVD and is streaming worldwide:

HEY, “it doesnt concern you”, I’ll rape your ass for believing in astrology, boy.

I feel sorry that he wasn’t treated better as a child. Why teach prisoners violence and expect them not to do it when they’re out of there (or in there)? Yes it was much different back then but still. When he was gang raped by a group of men he claimed he begged and cried for them to stop (which makes me sad that it happened) so I wish he would’ve grown up with the “I’ve had it happen to me so I don’t want other people to feel that way” attitude. Unfortunately he chose a different path. It’s a shame really. I’m sure he could’ve been a great man had he not have been treated the way he was. I was abused (physically, verbally and sometimes sexually) as a child and never would I want somebody to go through that. I think most people feel that way, but there’s lost of criminals that feel they should get back at society by committing crimes. Peter Kurten for example, although he mainly commuted his crimes for sexual pleasure, he also says that it was to get back at an “oppressive society”. I feel sorry for child Carl, not adult Carl. I think alot of the backlash you’re getting for feeling sympathy for him is uncalled for. And you guys, if you disagree that’s okay, but express it maturely.

your dead right ,i have stuidied this poor bugger ,i think things would of been a hell of alot different if he had been been brought up in a different time in life on this planet i do have prase for him as most would of just killed themself but he made a stand

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