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Post also NSFW.

Time For BraToday I was reading my women and gender text book so I could answer our topic discussion of the week.  It was in relation to puberty amongst females, and the whole developmental deal, in the more, obvious regions. For example, breasts.  It spoke about the social idea of what the “perfect breasts” are, and the fact that there isn’t any true definition to it.  Some women are unfortunately, not satisfied with their breasts in all forms: they maybe to saggy, not big enough, not round enough, too far apart, too close together and so forth.  I didn’t know there was a problem with the width distribution between the left breast and the right one, but I always knew that implants made it wider, which made it more ridiculous.  Then it went to mention a 15 year old British girl who got implants for her 16th birthday, which didn’t shock me as much, because a girl from my high school parents were willing to pay for her to get breast implants.  No shocker there for me.

This inspired me to talk about the upper regions on a female.  I am not sure where this is going to lead me to, but I’d be so much delighted if you’d follow me through the end.

Big breasts, small breasts, I am not sure I have a preference really.  I am happy if it fits in the palm of my hand, and if there’s more to handle, then by all means.  I don’t see any problem at all, so I don’t understand why women will feel as if they have to go through such drastic measures, as breast implants, to impress someone.  To tell you the God honest truth, if a guy wants you to get breast implants, he’s really not into you, he’s into your breasts looking plump rather than they are now.   I know it’s true, that the first thing guys see, generally, is a female’s breasts.  I mean, come on.  They are right there, they’re like sticking out, sometimes ready to poke an eye out, and even if they aren’t that big, it’s still nice to look at.  It’s smooth, rounded, extensions if you must say, that’s very exciting and appealing.  There isn’t any true earthly reason for the excitement one gets with breasts, but there is.  It’s just wonderful.  

For example, my previous girlfriend had small breasts.  But, they were a handful. Whenever I get into the conversation of how big a woman’s breast is, even if I’ve seen it, I want to know. Sometimes they look bigger than they actually are because of all those push up bras that they have now at such stores as Victoria Secret.  With those little magic things happening, one can never truly know the truth to the bust.  So, I ask.  I blatantly ask, and want my description based on, is it a handful?  I prefer it to be a handful, so that I have some kind of control over it.  But now, currently, my girlfriend has huge breasts.  Now, I would love to show you what they looked like, but I don’t think she’d appreciate me sportings that around the net.  It’s so funny, how girls pretend to be innocent, and they’d send you pictures of their breasts over the internet, so you can save them. Man how many girls I can blackmail with the amount I have on my hard drive.  Anyways, besides that.  They are huge, and I don’t have a problem with it.  I told her, I’d bet I can handle it anyways.  I’d manage, because the bigger they are, the more management they’d of course need.

Big Boob WomanThen again, there’s the horrible fact that sometimes, bigger isn’t better.  I mean, big is good to some extent.  Then there’s the scary big, which I don’t understand how anyone can manage it.   I am not sure if this is just something that some people think is sexy, but it’s not!  First of all, it looks weird no matter what.  You can have clothes on, it looks weird.  You can be naked, it looks even weirder.  I mean, it’s an abomination, it has to be.  Something that huge can not be real for one thing.  I don’t know, it just can’t be.  It’s just ridiculous.  Look at that lady.  I don’t know who honestly is attracted or turned on by that.  The dude in the background seems to be more shocked than appealed.  For one, it’s too huge for her frame.   Also, if she had bigger boobs, and was huge herself, then we’d not even be looking. So why bother?

Very Big Breasts GirlThen there’s this lady.  She’s completely naked, and clearly is having a hard time holding up her own boobs.  I mean, come on guys, does this look sexy to you?  I placed this image up to give you an idea of what it looks like for top lady, to be naked.  This isn’t her of course, but it might as well.  I don’t even want to imagine this lady having sex.  Can you picture those watermelons jumping up and down?  What about the guy, how’s he going to do missionary, with those breasts in the way!  To tell you the truth, I’d be scared as hell that I popped one or something.  I mean, come to think of it, it’d be a nice pillow to rest my head on, but that’s about it.  No being turned on by it, my hands can’t handle them as I thought they’d be able to with the bigger the breast the more management. This isn’t even managable.  Anybody with hands big enough to grab those things, aren’t even human!  I guess it’s only doggie style and such for this lady.

Boob WomanNow, this young lady has it going on.  These are breasts, these are what people like.  I mean, I can’t stress it anymore, the fact that men don’t like obnoxiously huge breasts. They just don’t.  I believe it’s more intimidating for a guy to concentrate on handling those breasts, than actual sex appeal happening.  This woman has the body and the curves. Then there’s the nipples, that are like little peas on a pud.  I mean, how much more can you ask for?  They seem like a handful, and if they aren’t, then that’s okay.  Cause they aren’t being swammed with veins as you can see with the lady about.   These breasts have curves to them.  They lay exactly where God intended. They are separated as far apart as any painter would desire.  It then leads down to the most curvatious body I’ve ever seen. This lady has it going on.  She’s more appealing and attractive, than the other ladies.  There is no way, that this girl will ever lose a bathing suit contest.  The other girls would just be laughed at.   Which I don’t understand.  Those big chested women, are only made fun of, so why is there women still going after those kind of looks?  I don’t get it.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents on the size of the boobies.  If you guys want to add something to it, go right ahead, I love talking about the anatomy of a woman!

Big Ones Cartoon

A funny cartoon depicting the fact how huge women breasts can actually get.  I mean, don’t their backs hurt them?  Try carrying a two watermelons on your chest and I am sure we’d all drop those suckers by the first chance we get.


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9 Responses to “Sex and Boobies – 18+ readers only”

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I know a young lady whom I will call “AMANDA” Amanda has very small breasts. I am old enough to be Amanda’s father but I consider her very cute. Amanda was “bugging” her father for “breast implants” so that when she started college she would NOT look like a little girl. (She DOES NOT look like a litte girl!)
Amanda would ask for my advice because I often ate at the “fast food” place where she worked. One night I asked her to “show me” her boobies on her break. (SHE DID!)
She was a large “A” cup. (or small “B”) Her breasts were very symmetrical with tight “perky” nipples. I yold her she was very beautiful and did not need “implants.”
Before she left for college she said: “I can’t believe I showed you my titties!”
I responded: “I gave you an honest answer. You have nice boobies and do not need implants.”
I saw her at the mall this past summer…she still looks cute but still wants implants.
Alfred Kuchinski

It seems the ladies always are dissatisfied with the size of their boobs, and don’t understand that the rest of us, who love them as they are, aren’t just lying, we’re telling the truth. The more realistic they are, the better. If it’s horribly small, then, well you know, implants might be necessary. There are women who unfortunately, have flatter chest than biological males, those ladies need the implants, the others, they need to sit down and rethink about their life and if those boobs are going to define them or are they going to define who they are.

Thanks for the comment.

those boobd are sexy….but ya i get your point too. they would be hard to handle…but still…good pillows

I totally agree with you. I mean I love big tits but I never thought of it that way and now I see that you may have a point about big boobs being to big to handle. If they are too big, they get in the way and usually if they are too big, they aren’t real.
Most women won’t admit that they had fake boobs done and they get them because they have low self esteem and aren’t sasified with their bodies. I have a few friends with fake boobs and they always complain about back aches and such. I have seen my share of big boobs because I am a professional photographer for naked models and help them with the portofolio. But really, I just thought they looked attractive (the boobs that is) but I never thought of the difficulties of having sex with someone with big tits!
And it’s true about us men telling women they look good but women just don’t listen and think we are lying to them. It so sad that these women have to get implants to make themselves think they look good. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 women I take pictures of, have fake boobs to get the job. Hey, A handful is all I need!

I totally agree with you. I mean I love big tits but I never thought of it that way and now I see that you may have a point about big boobs being to big to handle. If they are too big, they get in the way and usually if they are too big, they aren’t real.

nice boobs

nice & big sexy boobs

Holy frig!!!!I realized that i really am stupid,although i could fuck those titties…some guys would think those are small……lol.

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